"The (following) will of course provoke naught but incredulity in the general reader. But we write for those who will believe; who like the writer, understand and know...(H.P. Blavatsky)


“Gentlemen, I have here made only a nosegay of culled flowers,
and have brought nothing of my own
but the string that ties them.
Pull the “string” to pieces
and cut it up in shreds if you will.
As for the nosegay of FACTS—
you will never be able to make away with these.
You can only ignore them and no more.”*

"These are the conclusions we reached. They are our conclusions, based on our own research, our own predispositions, our own framework, our own lack of preconceptions. We are not trying to foist them upon you. If they make sense to you, well and good. If not, feel free to discard them and draw your own. In the meantime, we hope you found your sojourn with us interesting, entertaining and informative."**
 "There is nothing amiss in this book. Nevertheless
Should you find inadequacies, complete them;
Should you find errors, correct them;
Should you meet with mutilation in the language,
Or in the letters--more or less--improve them.
And do not scorn the work, for man's
Beset with forgetfulness and carelessness..."~

---Rico Nobal
Geno Yubal
Job Jubal

 *H.P. Blavatsky
 ** Baigent, M. et al, The Messianic Legacy, p.12
~The Secret of the Gnostics, Hamza Fan Suri